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Cinco Energy Services is attending first ever NAPE East!

This week Cinco Energy Services will be attending the first ever NAPE East Expo, being held in Pittsburgh, PA April 11-12, 2013. Due to the continuing success of the annual NAPE Summer and NAPE Winter Expos, held in Houston, TX … Continue reading

The Cloud: How Cinco Uses Cloud-Computing

The “Cloud” is the Internet.  The physical elements that make up the Internet (servers, cabling, satellites, transmission towers, etc.) are so large and interconnected that even when the best minds try to map those connections the result looks like a … Continue reading

Appalachian Division Recruitment Session

In early September, several Houston-based Cinco Energy Services team members traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to hold a recruitment session for landmen in Appalachia. The Houston crew joined forces with Lara Hawks and Kevin Price, of Cinco’s Appalachian Division Office, to … Continue reading

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