Uncover critical information in advance of pursuing an opportunity, making an investment or selling properties.

Whether you are managing an investment or full-scale operations, having the right information about your assets is critical. Cinco’s land management services ensure that your records are accurate, up-to-date, and available when you need to make a decision.

We serve our clients in a variety of capacities – from as-needed support to fully outsourced land departments, with a focus on solving complex land questions and simplifying your decision-making process.  We measure our success by our client’s satisfaction and strive to add measurable value to every function we perform.

Asset Oversight

  • Rig schedule planning
  • Operations meeting attendance both in house and with partners
  • Development program readiness tracking
  • Competitor research including upcoming expirations, top leasing activities, new permits, etc.
  • Regulatory requirement tracking and best practices
  • AFE monitoring and verification
  • Expirations and renewal monitoring
  • Preferential right monitoring
  • Lessor and partner consents and tracking post close
  • Critical action calendars
  • Owner relations support

Lease Administration and Database Management

  • DOI set up
  • Lease maintenance and monitoring
  • Energy management software implementation and management
  • Assistance with software selection
  • Courthouse recording
  • Land and well file maintenance

Impact and Value

  • Network of land professionals across the US
  • Regional expertise in all major shale basins
  • Optimized process workflows to minimize time and cost
  • Fully transferrable work product and processes
  • Transparent and shared workflows via online reporting platform
  • GIS-powered reporting
  • Rapid project start-up and wind down