We Are Texas Oil

By March 22, 2017News

Cinco Energy Management Group participated in the first annual Texas Energy Day at the Texas Capitol on March 22, 2017.  The oil and gas policies shaped by lawmakers have a direct effect on our economy, community and our environment, and we participated to show our support for safe and responsible energy changes.   Cinco understands that smart policies have a positive effect on all of us, and in turn help produce opportunities as well as many of the goods we use in our daily lives.  Last year alone, the Texas oil and natural gas industry paid nearly 6 times more in state and local taxes and state royalties, than other business sectors in the state. We hope to keep the contributions going strong!

Are ‘you’ Texas Oil?  You can help! Please tell your lawmaker what oil and gas means to you by clicking on this link. http://txoga.nationbuilder.com/texas_oil_and_natural_gas_matter