Carbon Storage

Carbon Storage

Unlock the Potential of Land for Carbon Capture and Storage Projects in the US

Our comprehensive land management services for carbon storage facilitate the successful development of carbon capture and storage initiatives. From site selection and evaluation to contract negotiation and property acquisition, we leverage our technical expertise and relationships to support complex and large-scale projects.

Land Management for Carbon Storage

The process for developing a carbon storage site involves core functions related to determining surface and/or subsurface ownership and securing the contractual right to develop the properties as desired. Commercial considerations, effectively navigating the requirements of local jurisdictions, types of land ownership, and other developmental hurdles are important for project success.

carbon storage and CCS land management experience
CCS Experience

As an early mover in the CCS space, we have unmatched experience in siting, contract development, and negotiating with individual and corporate landowners. We work with legal and technical teams to identify and secure property rights for CCS development.

Permitting and land acquisitions for wind energy projects
Securing Property Rights for CCS

We help clients identify and acquire the property rights required in the project area, including determining the ownership of the pore space, minerals and surface rights. The ownership of pore space is viewed differently across states and continues to evolve as activity increases. It is essential to obtain sufficient rights from the correct entities.

landowner and community relations and land management services
Relationship Building

Land professionals are often the “face” of the company in the community. Building relationships and creating value for landowners is a critical and important part of the property rights acquisition process. Our staff often meets with owners in person before contracts are signed.

knowledgeable team with CCS and carbon storage expertise
Technical Knowledge

Our CCS team is well-versed in CO2 safety and the technology associated with transportation and storage. We bring expertise in oil and gas, renewable projects, farming and other surface operations - and the agreements - that may be co-located with CCS sites.