Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Strategic Support From Inception to Operation For Your Wind Energy Projects

From community and landowner relations to site assessments, ownership research and lease negotiation, our experienced team offers tactical insights to help guide you through local statutes and regulations that may present hurdles for the development of your project.

Wind Energy Project Land Management Services

During every step of the process to develop your wind energy project, Cinco’s team can provide strategic land and title support and tactical insights based on your specific needs. Here are four key stages during which our team can assist in driving the best possible outcomes for your project.

Determining sites for renewable energy projects

A lot of land is required to create a utility-scale wind farm. Our team helps developers like you secure community and landowner buy-in while securing the appropriate land and air rights.

renewable wind energy projects

Cinco helps developers conduct feasibility studies by evaluating factors that may promote or hinder development such as governmental and regulatory issues, pre-existing land uses, community attitudes and more.

Evaluation of titles for renewable wind energy projects
Title Work

Through Cinco’s comprehensive title services, we can help developers de-risk acquisitions by conducting a preliminary “red flag” analysis, determine title ownership and create a contact list of interested parties. We work with title insurance providers to satisfy policy requirements.

Permitting and land acquisitions for wind energy projects
Acquisition & Permitting

We negotiate and acquire wind leases and other pertinent contracts related to accommodations or easements. We support developers in navigating the permitting and zoning process, which varies by jurisdiction.