GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

The right decision starts with the right information.

Our GIS services bring your properties to life in a visual format for better decision-making and analysis. As one of the earliest industry adopters of GIS technology, Cinco has mastered the visualization of property rights, lease obligations, production, pipelines and more. Our digital and printed maps can be generated with or without existing data, and are distinguished by their ease of use and attention to detail.

About GIS Mapping

We create GIS maps to help our clients understand data, trends, and progress in geographic context. The benefits include improved communication and efficiency as well as better management and decision-making. Energy companies of all sizes use GIS to make maps that communicate, perform analysis, share information, and solve complex problems.

position mapping
Comprehensive Position Mapping

Visualize your leases, wells, units, and/or infrastructure along with key attributes of your project. Common mapping layers include production volumes, geological formations and competitor activity. View open acreage and active lease play progress in real-time.

GIS mapping for energy projects
GIS for Due Diligence

Mapping files, known as shape files, are a powerful yet frequently overlooked source of information for land projects. Using existing shape files, we extract pertinent data to analyze relationships in leasehold and production and overcome issues with title data. While seemingly unrelated to due diligence, using shape files helps “pull the curtain back” on an asset and expedite a diligence process tremendously.

GIS mapping files layered data for live project tracking
Live Project Tracking

Our cloud-based GIS platform enables real-time updates, tracking and collaboration between multiple parties. Live maps contain multiple layers of data related to project and title status that serve as a powerful visual for sharing information and progress with clients. In the past, live maps were typically used for lease checks and lease acquisition plays. Now, these maps serve as a project management tool for all land projects.

data transfer
Transferable Data

Industry standard software means that all mapping data is fully transferable to other systems and companies. Data includes the shapes (polygons) and the attributes linked to each shape. Likewise, we can use and update existing geospatial data to build new maps and perform project-specific analysis.