Focused Services to Maximize your ROI

Optimizing Your Processes is Vital to Driving Efficiency

As your business grows more complex, the need for greater efficiency becomes a priority. Cinco’s land management services can enhance your organization’s capital and process efficiency with targeted support in areas we know make the biggest impact.

We help our clients gain access to complete and correct land data so that decisions across the organization can be made faster. Our flexible outsourcing service solves staffing needs and skill gaps without an overhead commitment. For companies seeking to increase their net revenue interest, we provide acquisition services across the US. See the other ways we can help you do more with less, below.

Given that land and title matters impact the entire development value chain, optimizing your land program can improve KPIs across your organization and uncover new opportunities.

How We Help Companies Reduce Costs and Create Value

Data Integrity

Good data is the key to good decisions. We combine AI-driven technology with deep, proven land expertise to deliver data that is accurate and actionable.

Land System Management

Land system selection, implementation and management, require extra bandwidth and specialized experience to complete correctly and timely. No software will run itself; the performance of your land system will only be as good as the data it contains. Cinco’s land analysts make sure your technology investment is optimized by completing or correcting the information in your land system so you can focus on making strategic decisions.

Mineral, Royalty, and Working Interest Acquisition

Many companies seek to boost net revenue interests by purchasing minerals and/or royalties in and around their existing leasehold position. Cinco provides clients with access to experienced land negotiators and our “best practices” framework for mineral and royalty acquisitions. Streamlined workflows, good data management and establishing a local presence are some of the ways that we enhance our outcomes for clients.

Contract Staffing

The right person for the job can help you solve problems faster and improve your team’s overall effectiveness. With our access to relationships across the major oil and gas markets in the US, we’ll help you find the right fit for your short or long-term assignment.

Divestiture Preparation

Let us help you get a handle on your properties before you divest. From title work and ownership determinations to records management, we can quickly prepare an asset for marketing. Staying ahead of title defects and curing issues early will give you an advantage when negotiating your transaction.

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