Growing Your Operations? Scale Up Efficiently.

The Keys to Smart Expansion in the O&G Industry

As an organization grows, it becomes more complex. But, growing your land program doesn’t have to be complicated when you know what to expect and can rely on a partner who has done it before. By augmenting your existing program with the right people and processes, we’ll help you scale your internal operations intelligently. From targeted projects to ongoing land management services, we bring ease of execution and reliable results to clients as they expand, pivot or upgrade their business.

How We Can Help Your Company Grow Your Operations

Acquisition Title Due Diligence

Growing your position through an asset acquisition is a common starting point for expansion. Before stepping into ownership of a new asset, a thorough title due diligence process will uncover the opportunities, obligations and risks associated with the properties. Acquisitions vary in size, property type, deal structure, company objectives and risk tolerance. We’ll use our deep expertise in due diligence across the US to give you an edge before and after acquisition.

Land Administration

Land administration changes as your organization develops. Cinco can plug into your existing land administration team, or manage the functions independently. Our team offers support with physical and digital records, landowner relations, division orders, land systems, and more.

Lease Acquisition

Cinco’s land staff serves your grassroots or infill leasing objectives across North America so you can build and sustain a robust development program. Building a leasehold position is a multi-step process that requires precision and persistence. Using the right technology is equally as important as negotiating effectively with landowners to close the deal. Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach that gives them an edge while keeping acquisition costs down.

Abstracting and Title Research

Title research is the gold standard for mineral and leasehold ownership determination. Our title abstractors and landmen research electronic and courthouse records to prepare full title abstracts, bring title “up to date”, or answer questions about ownership at various points in time. Title runsheets and other specialized reports are used to draft title opinions, clear drillsite title, or plan for development.

Outsourced Staffing

Our connections to the land business run deep. With our access to relationships across the major oil and gas markets in the US, we’ll help you find the right fit for your short or long-term assignment.

Mineral and Royalty Acquisition

Many companies seek to boost net revenue interests by purchasing minerals and/or royalties in and around their existing leasehold position. Cinco provides clients with access to experienced land negotiators and our “best practices” framework for mineral and royalty acquisitions. Streamlined workflows, good data management and establishing a local presence are some of the ways that we enhance our outcomes for clients.

GIS Mapping and Analytics

GIS supports your ability to make data-driven decisions by visualizing the most important information and trends. As one of the earliest adopters of GIS technology, our mapping and analytics capabilities are tailored to land and development specific applications.

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