Land Management

Land Management

Uncover critical information before you pursue a new opportunity, make an investment or sell your properties.

Whether you are managing an investment or full-scale operations, having the right information about your assets is critical. Cinco’s land management services ensure that your records are accurate, up-to-date, and available when you need to make a decision.

We serve our clients in a variety of capacities – from as-needed support to fully outsourced land departments, with a focus on solving complex land questions and simplifying your decision-making process. We measure our success by our client’s satisfaction and strive to add measurable value to every function we perform.

Land Management

Today’s prospects are often large and complex due to mature production, numerous contractual agreements, and multiple producing horizons. The volume of land and title information associated with every well is equally complex. Land Management entails all of the ongoing title-related functions needed to support development and minimize risk.

Cinco provides outsourced support for our client’s land management needs including database management, owner relations, surface leasing, title curative and more. Our clients have access to dedicated in-house and field land personnel to support their drilling program.

critical actions for land management project leases
Critical Actions

Leases and other agreements contain provisions that may be triggered by a date, time interval, operation or lack thereof. We call these “Critical Actions”. For example, failing to gain consent or issue a required payment may terminate your lease. We evaluate and track critical actions to ensure the integrity of our clients’ leasehold.

data integrity for land management projects
Data Integrity

Do you need an accurate lease and contract exhibit for your asset? Are incomplete records getting in the way of getting things done? The benefits of complete and accurate land data are hard to overstate. Let us complete your digital datasets (and maps) so you can work more effectively.

landmen in land management services
Land Outsourcing

Working with our team means yours can stay leaner. We manage the team and the work product so you can focus on the business. Our engagements aim to add flexibility and simplicity to our clients existing processes.

landowner and community relations and land management services
Landowner Relations

Relationship building is the heart of the land business. Within the context of land management, this involves managing landowner issues. Answering administrative questions, updating owner records and negotiating surface damages are all part of land management.