Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Strategic and tactical land support for renewable projects across the US to advance the energy transition

Since 2006, CINCO has worked with renewable energy teams on siting, feasibility studies, lease acquisition, title matters, and owner relations. Our team of consultants and field agents specialize in the land and title functions needed for utility and community scale development.

Renewable Energy Land Management Services

From a land perspective, all energy-related projects in the US have certain development requirements in common: Determining surface and/or subsurface ownership and establishing the contractual right to develop the properties as desired.

However, there are meaningful differences in our process based on the type of project or energy source. Effectively navigating the nuances of various local jurisdictions, regulatory requirements per project type, market conditions and other developmental hurdles are important for project success.

renewable wind energy projects
Wind Power and Utility-Scale Solar

Community and landowner relations, land/site assessments, mapping, ownership research and lease negotiation.

geothermal renewable sustainable clean energy
Geothermal Energy

Surface and/or subsurface ownership determination (varies based on location), mapping, geothermal lease negotiation and owner relations.

Determining sites for renewable energy projects

Evaluation of multiple factors (land complexity, key owners, existing use, barriers to development) to determine the complexity and viability of potential sites.

Title and Ownership

We leverage our long-standing expertise and resources in surface and mineral/subsurface title research to provide high-level analysis and detailed ownership reports.

Renewable Project Sites Across the U.S.