Starting a New Land Management Program

Stand-Up Your Organization the Right Way, the First Time

For a newly-formed entity, external land support helps companies manage the inevitable workload fluctuation before acquiring an asset or beginning development. Foundational projects such as land system implementations, title due diligence, land acquisition and setting up critical workflows, require extra bandwidth and specialized experience. Cinco also provides access to fractional staff in land, land administration, and GIS to keep your overhead low during transition periods.

With over 30 years of experience in every realm of the land business, we can help you overcome the challenges of getting off the ground. Having a partner like Cinco Energy, who offers flexible and comprehensive solutions, will support your land strategy and your bottom line. From targeted support to complete asset management, see how we empower companies to achieve greater agility and capital efficiency starting day one.

How We Help Get Teams Up and Running

Acquisition Title Due Diligence

The first step in approaching an acquisition is to understand the asset. Acquisition title due diligence is an essential part of understanding the opportunities, risks and obligations related to the target properties. Acquisitions vary in size, property type, deal structure, company objectives and risk tolerance. A well-planned and executed diligence can give you an edge before and after a deal is closed. We’ll use our deep expertise in due diligence to your advantage so that you will be ready to step into asset ownership with confidence.

Land Administration

Cinco supplements your existing land administration efforts, or manages the functions on your behalf. Our team offers support with physical and digital records, landowner relations, division orders, land systems, and more.

Mineral and Royalty Acquisition

Many companies seek to augment their net revenue interests through the purchase of minerals and/or royalties in and around their existing leasehold position. Cinco provides clients with access to experienced land negotiators and our “best practices” framework for mineral and royalty acquisitions. Streamlined workflows, good data management and establishing a local presence are some of the ways that we enhance our outcomes for clients.

Lease Acquisition

Building a leasehold position is a multi-step process that begins with determining your area of interest, understanding what’s available and locating mineral owners. Using the right technology is equally as important as negotiating effectively with mineral owners to close the deal. Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach that gives them an edge while keeping acquisition costs down.

Contract Staffing

For new companies, external land support helps companies manage the inevitable workload fluctuation before acquiring an asset or beginning development. We’ll provide full-time or fractional staffing support to fulfill your organization’s immediate needs for outsourced work.

Land System Management

Foundational projects such as land system selection, implementation and management, require extra bandwidth and specialized experience to complete correctly and on time. No software will run itself; the performance of your land system will only be as good as the data it contains. Cinco’s land analysts make sure your technology investment is optimized by completing or correcting the information in your land system so you can focus on making strategic decisions.

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