Land Management Staffing

Land Management Staffing

A successful company starts with the right people.

Our expertise in the land industry includes people too! Our access to relationships, combined with decades of land knowledge, will give you the resources and a candidate pool that you will simply not receive from a recruiting firm. We have built our professional network through proactive recruiting efforts and referrals, seeking individuals committed to high standards of work and backed by our reputation for a high-quality service. We understand the immediacy of land staffing needs for projects, and we appreciate how important it is to make the right hire at the right time. Cinco Energy Management Group provides personalized and flexible staffing solutions to every client. We have a strong history of providing staffing support to companies in various stages, and we look forward to fulfilling your organization’s immediate staffing needs to help ensure your long-term success.

Land Staffing for Energy Projects

Working in the land profession for more than three decades, we’ve watched the energy business grow more complex. Large transactions, short deadlines and giant datasets have introduced new skill requirements to the land business. At the same time, the importance of relationships and negotiation skills has gone unchanged. The “Land” discipline encompasses a variety of technical and interpersonal competencies. Regional experience is an important consideration, too. Let us use our experience to help find you the right person for your team.

knowledgeable team with CCS and carbon storage expertise
Finding the Right Skillset

As landmen, we appreciate the breadth of skills required by our profession. Every client's needs are unique; finding the right candidates requires a nuanced assessment of skills and experiences. We’ve worked with land professionals for decades and can help you find who you need to get your job done.

landmen in land management services
Special Projects

For one-time tasks or time-limited “special” projects, contract staffing is especially effective. We can provide staff to fill a skill gap or address a lack of bandwidth so you can continue to grow. Commonly staffed special projects relate to data integrity, title research, and land administration.

reduce overhead with land management staffing solutions
Reduce Your Overhead

Contract staffing gives you the support your team needs, for as long as it's needed. The ebbs and flows of the energy industry can make it hard to “right-size” your staff. Using our land personnel as a resource means you can access the skills and bandwidth you need at the time, and adjust as conditions change.

nationwide expertise in energy land management

Our relationships with landmen are nationwide and so are the customers we serve. We work throughout the US, and have access to talented land professionals with specialized experience in one or more regions.