Cinco Energy Service Overview

Specialized Skill Sets and Experience Across the Land Management Spectrum

Whether You’re a Start-Up or a Mature Corporation, Our Comprehensive Services Help Meet Your Changing Priorities

At Cinco Energy, we can plug into your existing framework by providing expertise in leasing, due diligence, database management, data integrity, land administration, GIS mapping, abstracting, title curative, and more. With a network of professionals across the country, and experience in 38 states and every major shale basin, we can support you in any way. No matter what opportunity you’re currently pursuing in the oil and gas industry, we’ll make sure you get the right information and right team to execute it.

We’re ready to help your team with:

Leasing, title, and mineral acquisition

We can perform a range of functions to assist at every stage, from planning and establishing a new acreage position, to maintaining and growing existing operations. Learn more.

oil wells on land

Acquisitions and divestitures

From due diligence to risk assessment and post-closing curative, we’ll guide throughout the deal lifecycle of every acquisition or divestiture. Learn more.

oil and gas acquisition work

Land management

Internal land departments can get stretched thin, and that’s where we step in to focus on special projects or supporting your team through the decision-making process. Learn more.

Renewables and right of way

We’ll help move your project from acquisition to construction by scouting locations, determine their feasibility, negotiating deals, and settling payments. Learn more.

oil pipeline in dessert

GIS and Data Services

Our superior GIS technology visualizes property rights, lease obligations, production, pipelines, and more so you can make informed, data-driven decisions. Learn more.


Professional staffing

Our access to relationships will ensure you make the right hire at the right time. Learn more.

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