Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Uncover critical information before you pursue a new opportunity, make an investment or sell your properties.

Successful negotiations and transactions require access to accurate information. For land and title matters related to the energy industry, our diligence teams deliver actionable information based on your specific objectives.

Oil & Gas Due Diligence

Cinco’s due diligence process provides intelligence and insight in support of a variety of transactions and upstream business needs. From defect dispute negotiations to post-closing curative, Cinco partners with our clients to provide guidance throughout the deal lifecycle.

We serve as land advisors to the legal, financial and corporate teams charged with formalizing and assessing major transactions and strategic business decisions.
We have worked on deals of every type and size, in all major basins across the United States. Our experience is your advantage.

nationwide expertise in energy land management
Nationwide experience

Our experience spans 38 states and covers every major basin. Asset location informs how due diligence processes are conducted and the nature of common title defects.

landmen in land management services
Available Bandwidth

Whether the project calls for two landmen or 20, Cinco has the resources, technology and processes to handle projects of various sizes.

knowledgeable team with CCS and carbon storage expertise
Depth of Knowledge

We set ourselves apart by our focus on subject matter expertise, ranging from oil and gas operations to complex title issues. Our staff includes Certified Professional Landmen and is supported by an Advisory Board that brings executive-level experience to our team.

land management process facilitation
Process Facilitation

Like all transactions, title due diligence involves many moving parts. We are accustomed to working with multiple stakeholders to get information, resolve issues and complete the evaluation process timely.