Oil & Gas Leasing

Oil & Gas Leasing

Acquiring title to property is the first step in prospect development.

As the foundation of any development program, the quality of your acquisition and title work will impact the performance of your investment. For that reason, Cinco’s work demonstrates our commitment to delivering accurate and timely results.

Cinco has the resources and experience to meet your leasing, title and mineral acquisition objectives across North America. We perform a comprehensive array of land functions to help our clients at every stage, from planning and establishing a new acreage position, to maintaining and growing existing operations. Cinco provides surface and subsurface expertise, and handles not only oil & gas prospects but other mineral prospects such as coal, lignite and sand.

Oil and Gas Lease Acquisitions

The key components of a leasing project are the lease check, title work, negotiation and closing process. Building landowner relationships is key to a successful acquisition play. We leverage years of experience with large scale acquisitions on behalf of our clients through our process efficiency and superior title work. We work collaboratively with our clients to build their land position or acquire infill acreage to support their future development.

nationwide expertise in energy land management
Nationwide Coverage

We work across the US and have specialized leasing experience in every oil and gas basin. The processes for each project are designed to reflect local jurisdiction requirements and courthouse policies. We leverage our experience and relationships to identify and connect with landowners.

Evaluation of titles for wind energy projects
Comprehensive Acquisition Process

The acquisition process begins with a survey of “open” acreage and development of the acquisition strategy in coordination with our clients. We conduct boots on the ground negotiations, title research and ownership verification and facilitate payment and document execution. We support the complete process from ideation to instrument recording.

GIS mapping files layered data for live project tracking
GIS-Powered Tracking

Our cloud-based GIS platform enables real-time updates, tracking and collaboration between multiple parties. Live maps contain multiple layers of data related to project and title status that serve as a powerful visual for sharing information and progress with clients.

Evaluation of titles for renewable wind energy projects
Title and Abstracting

Title research is the backbone of the leasing process. The right interest owners must be correctly identified and contacted. We prepare title abstracts and title “runsheets” to determine exact ownership interests. Better quality title work upfront reduces title costs down the line.