The right decision starts with the right information.

Our GIS services bring your properties to life in a visual format for better decision-making and analysis. As one of the earliest industry adopters of GIS technology, Cinco has mastered the visualization of property rights, lease obligations, production, pipelines and more. Our digital and printed maps can be generated with or without existing data, and are distinguished by their ease of use and attention to detail.

GIS Capabilities

  • Comprehensive position mapping: Leases, Wells, Units, and Infrastructure
  • Production volumes and geological formation maps
  • Shape file creation and deed plotting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Open acreage and active lease play maps
  • Real-time and scheduled updates

Impact and Value

  • Analyze disparate sources and types of data visually to help cross-functional decision making
  • Evaluate existing competition and plan future development
  • Industry standard software means that all mapping data is fully transferrable to other systems and companies

Data Management Services

  • Energy management software consultation
  • Database implementation projects
  • Data integrity and data correction
  • File digitization and digital record building
  • Cloud based reporting and collaboration
  • CELS proprietary due diligence software