Oil & Gas Acquisitions

Oil & Gas Acquisitions

Owning an asset with confidence starts with title acquisition due diligence.

For deals of all sizes, we serve as land advisors to the legal, financial and corporate teams charged with formalizing and assessing major transactions and strategic business decisions. Cinco’s due diligence process provides intelligence and insight in support of a variety of transactions and upstream business needs.

Acquisition Title Due Diligence

The title due diligence process is an opportunity to rapidly learn about the properties and identify “red flags”, title defects and critical actions to take upon closing. While our process is well-established, we carefully consider deal terms and client objectives in every diligence project.

Beyond analyzing the Seller’s title documents, we evaluate production history, accounting records, material contracts and public records to complete the “chain of title” and identify liens, lawsuits or encumbrances of record.

Key Due Diligence Components

We perform more than 50 different analyses in connection with acquisitions, broadly falling into the following categories: Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest Confirmation, Public Records Research, Production Review, Lease Analysis, Material Contract Review, and Lien, Lawsuits and Encumbrances Research.

Information Management

Using best practices in data management and content management tools to enhance our teams’ collaboration, we are comfortable working with complex, imperfect or large volumes of information.

30 Years of Experience

Our experience is your advantage. We have worked on deals of every type and size, in all major basins across the United States. We have established relationships with land departments and oil and gas leaders nationwide which facilitates our process and adds values for our clients.

US-Wide Coverage

We have worked on deals of every type and size, in 40 states and all major basins across the United States. We review producing and non-producing wells, PUDs and minerals on fee, federal, state, and tribal lands. We have regional subject matter experts, local landmen and a team of due diligence professionals who have wide-ranging experience.


Why is title due diligence necessary?

Title due diligence is an exercise in figuring out what properties interests are per the public record and contractual agreements. Conducting title due diligence in connection with a property acquisition or investment provides an opportunity to verify the represented interests and identify defects, risks, liabilities, and encumbrances.

How long does title due diligence take?

The process depends on the scope of the review, including the number and type of properties, the vintage of the base title, complexity, and quality of the data provided for our review.

What information is needed for title due diligence?

In general, we need digital access to the seller’s title records including lease, well, and contract files. A comprehensive list of required information is provided at the outset of a project. Separately, we research various public records during our due diligence process.

What kind of properties does Cinco work on?

We work on deals of every type and size in 40 states. We review oil & gas properties (producing and non-producing wells, PUDs and minerals) and all other surface and subsurface interests on fee, federal, state, and tribal lands.